the manaslu circuit 16 days trek in nepalthe manaslu circuit 16 days trek in nepal

Manaslu Circuit Trekking

  • Duration16 Days
  • Difficulty Level Moderate
  • Max Altitude 5160 M 16929ft
  • Group Size Max 15 People
  • Starts Kathmandu
  • Ends Kathmandu

This is not your average Himalayan trek.  Nestled between the famous Langtang National Park and the world-renowned Annapurna Conservation Area, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is often overlooked.  However, the trek is nothing short of amazing.  Some consider it the best all-around trek in Nepal and compare it to the Annapurna Base Camp Trek without loads of trekkers. It is a very adventurous trek, and the fact that it is not heavily trafficked adds to the allure.  The Manaslu Circuit Trek, a somewhat strenuous trail, circumnavigates the 8th tallest mountain in the world, the magnificent Manaslu (8156m).  

Best of Nepal Trekking 2024, "Manaslu Circuit Trek"

We begin the Manaslu Circuit trek by weaving through ethnically Gurung villages.  As we climb higher into the hills, the residents of the villages are ethnically Tibetan.  The generous villagers, through the trek, offer great hospitality.  As is the case with most treks in Nepal, half of the beauty is found in the glorious views, while the other half is in the caring, compassionate people we meet in the villages. The kindness of those in the mountains and hills in this area goes above and beyond our expectations.

Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Manaslu Circuit Trek: Embark on the adventurous Manaslu Circuit Trek, often regarded as one of the best all-around treks in Nepal. Experience breathtaking views and the allure of a less-crowded trail compared to other popular treks.
  • Cultural Immersion: Explore ethnically diverse Gurung and Tibetan villages along the trek. Encounter the warm hospitality of the locals and immerse yourself in their traditions and way of life.
  • Scenic Beauty: Enjoy picturesque landscapes, cascading waterfalls, terraced hillsides, and the majestic Budhigandaki River as you trek through the stunning natural surroundings.
  • Rich Biodiversity: Keep an eye out for the diverse wildlife of the region, including musk deer, lynx, Asian black bear, various monkey species, and the Himalayan goral.
  • Larkya La Pass: Conquer the challenging Larkya La Pass (5135 m/16,847 ft) and be rewarded with jaw-dropping panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks, including Manaslu, rising above the clouds.
  • Unforgettable Alpine Views: Marvel at the awe-inspiring mountain scenery, with jagged peaks reaching high into the sky. Experience the sense of being in a different universe, far from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  • Authentic Cultural Exchange: Interact with friendly locals, appreciate their exceptional hospitality, and learn about their unique traditions and customs.

After our scenic drive from Kathmandu, surrounded by cascading waterfalls and picturesque terraced hillsides, we begin our journey in Soti Khola (700m). We walk north along the banks of the majestic Budhigandaki River.  Agricultural fields, untamed mountains, and clean air surround us.  The area is known for its rich biodiversity, so keep your eyes peeled for the musk deer, lynx, Asian black bear, various monkey species, the Himalayan goral, and countless other species in the area.  

We continue our gradual ascent to acclimatize properly. If you have interest, we can stop at the hot springs in Tatopani to let our bodies heal and rejuvenate.  As we gain altitude, we must take our time.  It’s a must in order to prevent sickness, especially as we cross the Larkya La Pass (5135 m/16,847 ft).  After a few more days of trekking, we found ourselves at the pass.  Feeling like we’ve reached the top of the world, we are filled with joy.  We jagged mountain peaks surrounding us, and we feel like we’re in a different universe than the city we left just a few days ago. Manaslu and the surrounding awe-inspiring peaks reach high above the clouds.  Adding a bit of adventure to the experience, the pass is usually covered in snow. The unforgettable alpine views, rich biodiversity, thick forests, and exceptional hospitality of the villagers make this trek one of the best.  Eventually, after a peaceful and relaxed descent from the pass, we arrive in Dharapani and take a two-hour drive to Besisahar, where we stay for the night.  The following day, we regrettably depart from the mountain and return to Kathmandu.  Please note that this trek can be combined with the Tsum Valley Trek.

Difficulties and Toughest Day of the Manaslu Circuit Trek

The moderately challenging Manaslu Circuit Trek starts at 900 meters above sea level and ascends to 5106 meters. The first several days are simple, but as you ascend and the temperature drops, the difficulty increases. Between five and seven hours are spent walking on average each day.
Larkya La Pass, where you gain the most elevation (5106 meters), might be challenging for some owing to altitude sickness. To lessen the risk of AMS, the schedule includes two days for acclimatization. Additionally, you can travel with Diamox (a drug for AMS) and stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. 

Being forced to start walking before dawn on the day you cross the pass will make it the hardest. You don't have to be an athlete to complete this trek, but you will need to be reasonably fit and persistent. Before your trek, you should work to improve your stamina and endurance.

Suggested Seasons for the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Any season of the year is suitable for the Manaslu Circuit excursion. Every season offers a unique set of benefits and adventures. However, spring and fall, when the weather is milder and more steady, are the best times to hike Manaslu.

If you are looking for adventure, are interested in flora and wildlife, and want to explore new things, you can hike during the monsoon. However, it is not advisable to travel at these times of year because the routes are muddy and potentially dangerous and because landslides may block them during the monsoon. During these times, the bulk of the teahouses along the top section of the route will be closed.

Trekking Permits For Manaslu Circuit Trek

Trekking in Manaslu requires a special permit because it is a restricted area where independent and solitary hikers are prohibited. Trekkers must reserve their trek through a local trekking service, and they must travel with a local guide. The Manaslu Circuit Trail requires the following permits in order to be hiked:

  • MCAP, or Manaslu Conservation Area Permit
  • RAP, or Manaslu Restricted Area
  • The ACAP, or Annapurna Conservation Area Permit

We will arrange for all of the permits after you book the adventure; you shouldn't worry about getting these approvals To issue RAP permits, all you need to do is provide us with two passport-sized pictures and your original passport; we'll take care of the rest. For the ACAP and MCAP, we can issue them in advance, but for the RAP (restricted area permits), we need to show the original passport at immigration. 

Is travel insurance necessary for the Manaslu Trek?

Yes, travel insurance that includes search and rescue and medical evacuation is required for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Carefully review your policy's exclusions as well. We advise Worldnomads.

Accommodation and Food 

You'll spend the nights in the Kathmandu Hotel of the 3-star standard. The teahouse will be the place to stay while trekking. Usually, there are shared rooms. By paying more, you can also get a single room, though this option may not be available everywhere during the busiest periods for travel. Teahouses provide very modest services.

You can expect three meals per day while on the Manaslu Circuit Trek, which is included in your trip cost. The teahouse proprietors prepare and serve the meals. From the menu, you can pick from a good selection of foods. To gain all the energy and nourishment you need for hiking, we strongly advise including dal bhat in one meal.


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When you arrive at Kathmandu International Airport, a member of our crew will meet you at the arrival gate and accompany you to your designated accommodation. The remainder of the day is free. So you may take your time settling down, resting, and looking about. If you have the time and energy, you can walk around the streets of Thamel. It's a vibrant mix of cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, handicraft shops, trekking equipment stores, and so on.

  • Max. Altitude: (1,350m) 4,428ft
  • You will visit: Thamel - Kathmandu

After breakfast, you will embark on a guided sightseeing trip to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You'll see four of Kathmandu's main tourist attractions: Boudhnath Stupa (Nepal's largest Buddhist Stupa), Pashupatinath Temple (the grand Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva), Kathmandu Durbar Square (an old Royal Palace rich in traditional Nepali architecture), and Swayambhunath (one of the holiest Buddhist shrines situated on a hilltop). These attractions will introduce you to Nepal's rich culture and history. If you need anything for the trek, you can go shopping with your trek guide in the evening.

  • Max. Altitude: (1,350m) 4,428ft
  • You will visit: Heritage Sites - Kathmandu
  • Walking Hour: 2

Soti Khola is the starting point for your trip to Manaslu Larke Pass. To begin, we'll take a 4x4 Jeep directly from Kathmandu to Sotikhola via Arughat Bazaar.  Having your own private Jeep is the most convenient and safest method to travel on such a lengthy vacation. We can also stop for pictures along the journey, which is not possible with local buses. The road is great till Dhading Besi, then it becomes bumpy and dusty, but you will appreciate the scenery, rivers, and villages. You'll spend the night in a lodge in Soti Khola.

  • Max. Altitude: 710 M (2,329 ft)
  • You will visit: Soti Khola
  • Walking Hour: NA

We started early in the morning to hike to Machha Khola from Soti Khola, which takes 6-7 hours. Today you journey through the countryside, passing paddy fields, waterfalls, and rural towns with brown slate-roofed cottages. You'll cross multiple creeks and see waterfalls before arriving in Lapu Besi. After crossing the Budi Gandaki River via a suspension bridge, you'll continue on a rough zigzag trail to Machha Khola, where you'll spend the night.

  • Max. Altitude: 900 M (2,952 ft)
  • You will visit: Machha Khola
  • Walking Hour: 6-7

The route leads to Khorla Bensi after crossing Machha Khola. From here, you can trek to Tatopani. The valley sides become impassable as the route crosses to the left bank via a suspension bridge. In sections, the trail is fairly exposed and difficult. You'll arrive in Dovan and go to Lauri. You then rise to Jagat after crossing a river on a suspension bridge. From Machha Khola, it takes 7 hours to reach Jagat, where you spend the night in a mountain lodge.


  • Max. Altitude: 1340 M (4,396 ft)
  • You will visit: Jagat - Manaslu Conservation
  • Walking Hour: 6-7

We begin the 7-hour journey from Jagat to Deng with a satisfying breakfast. Today you will go via the villages of Salleri, Sirdibas, and Ghatta Khola, which are draped with Buddhist prayer flags, and over multiple suspension bridges. After crossing the river at Eklee Bhatti, the trail continues through a dense tangle of bamboo trees until it reaches Deng Khola. We arrive in Deng after crossing the river and spending the night at a teahouse. The fireplace in the dining area is a fantastic spot to stay warm. 

  • Max. Altitude: 1,860 M (6,102 ft)
  • You will visit: Deng
  • Walking Hour: 7

We'll cross the Budi Gandaki several times today on our way to Namrung. We'll see ancient gompas and beautiful mountain scenery along the way. We'll ultimately arrive at a suspension bridge where the Budhi Gandaki flows beneath a perfectly natural stone arch. The trail is a little perilous because it crosses landslide zones. After lunch, we resume our journey to Namrung from Ghap. Namrung, a Buddhist settlement, is reached after a steep walk and a steady climb up a spectacular stone stairway.

  • Max. Altitude: 2,630 M (8,629 ft)
  • You will visit: Namrung
  • Walking Hour: 7-8

The trail ascends through a lush, green forest to Lihi village after viewing the Himalayas in the morning. We will pass through the isolated towns of Sho, Lho, and Shyala before arriving in Samagaon. Mt. Manaslu, the world's eighth-highest peak, will be the first thing we will notice when we arrive at Lho. We trek over the inner Himalayan range on a meandering path. Mountain views include Rupinala Pass, Mt. Manaslu, Gorkha Himal, Dwijen Himal, Saula Himal, Lajing Peak, and many more. The vegetation begins to decline as altitude increases.

  • Max. Altitude: 3,530 M (11,578 ft)
  • You will visit: Sama Gaon
  • Walking Hour: 7

We will spend a day acclimatizing at Sama Gaon. This is important to do so that our bodies can adjust to the increasing altitude and decreasing oxygen levels. Even if you are not experiencing any symptoms of altitude sickness, it is important to take it easy. We will do a short day hike in the area. This will help us to get some exercise and to get a better view of the surrounding mountains. The exact route of the hike will depend on our conditions and the weather.

  • Max. Altitude: 3,530 M (11,578 ft)
  • You will visit: Sama Gaon
  • Walking Hour: 2-3

After breakfast in Sama Gaon, we trek across yak farms and through the valley. We'll pass mani walls and enjoy stunning mountain views. We descend to a wooden bridge over the Budhi Gandaki River, then continue to Samdo village through a windy valley. We'll have lunch and spend the night in Samdo. The Tibetan border is 4 km away, but visitors are not allowed to cross. Samdo is a great viewpoint for Mt. Manaslu, Samdo, Nagdi Chuli, Simnang Himal, the Manaslu glacier, and the Manaslu ice fall.

  • Max. Altitude: 3,860 M (12,660 ft)
  • You will visit: Samdo
  • Walking Hour: 5

After breakfast in Samdo, we visit the Larke Bazaar, a temporary Tibetan market. We then trek to Dharamshala, also known as the Larkya La Phedi. Along the way, we pass a wooden bridge, two streams, and the Larkye Glacier. We also see a few historic monasteries. We reach Dharamshala after a 4-hour journey, where we have lunch, relax in the evening, and spend the night.

  • Max. Altitude: 4,460 M (14,632 ft)
  • You will visit: DharmaShala
  • Walking Hour: 5

Today is a tough day of trekking as we cross Larkya La Pass (5,106 m). We start early in the morning and ascend through a rocky and winding path. From the top, we enjoy stunning views of Larkya Peak, Mt. Manaslu, Ratna Chuli, Cheo Himal, and other snow-capped mountains. We then descend through a rocky and icy path to Bimthang. The total trekking time is 8 hours.

  • Max. Altitude: 5,135 M (16,847 ft)
  • You will visit: Bimthang
  • Walking Hour: 9

Today's trek takes us out of Bhimthang and across high grassland, then down the Burdin Khola valley. We cross the Dudh Khola's headwaters and descend into a rhododendron forest. The trail continues through a small valley to Karche, the highest agricultural region in the valley. We then cross a stream and reach Tilje, from where it is an hour's walk to Dharapani. The total trekking time is 7 hours.


  • Max. Altitude: 1,963 M (6,434 ft)
  • You will visit: Dharapani
  • Walking Hour: 7

On our final trekking day of this Manaslu Larke La Pass 16 Days Trekking adventure, we retrace the iconic Annapurna Circuit trail, descending along the banks of the Dudh Khola and Marshyangdi rivers. Because the Annapurna region starts where the Manaslu region finishes, we get to see and hike the first length of the Annapurna Circuit while on our Manaslu trek. We arrive in Jagat after traveling through gorgeous villages and terraced fields.


  • Max. Altitude: 1,340 M (4,396 ft)
  • You will visit: Jagat
  • Walking Hour: 6

Our Manaslu Larke La Pass Trek section concludes this morning, and the final mountain meal will be provided before departing Jagat. We will take a shared local Jeep ride from Jagat to Beshisahar. We'll take a private van from Beshisahar to Kathmandu. After a lengthy journey to Kathmandu, you can go for a massage and spend your last night in Kathmandu's Thamel streets. You will be driven to your accommodation in Kathmandu. 

  • Max. Altitude: 1,350 M (4,429 ft)
  • You will visit: Kathmandu
  • Walking Hour: NA

We will drop you off at the airport at the time of your flight's departure. If you have extra days and want to go on other tours in Nepal, such as a Chitwan Jungle Safari, a Pokhara tour, or a Lumbini tour, you can start searching today and let us know if you want to go on any of them because we also arrange those excursions.

  • Max. Altitude: NA
  • You will visit: NA
  • Walking Hour: NA

Route Map

Manaslu Circuit Trekking map
Cost Details
  • Full Board (breakfast, lunch and Dinner) in Trekking
  • Accommodation during the trek (local lodge).
  • Government-registered local expert guide,
  • Porters to carry trekking bags.
  • Manaslu National Park, Annapurna Conservation, special trekking permits
  • In cities, accommodation includes breakfast.
  • Guided tour in the city.
  • Welcome and farewell, dinner.
  • Equipment and clothing for porters & staff.
  • Insurance for all staff and porters.
  • Transportation as per itinerary
  • First Aid Kit for Manaslu Circuit Trek
  • Updated Manaslu Circuit Trekking Map.
  • Salary, allowances, expenses & insurance for all staff including porters
  • Nepal visa
  • Lunch and dinner during hotel stay in Kathmandu
  • Personal gear and clothing (available on hire)
  • Tips for Guide and Porters
  • Table drinks, snacks, bar bills,
  • Personal insurance and medical evacuation in case of emergency.
  • Expenses incurred due to accidents, landslides, strikes, political unrest, etc.
  • International airfare and airport taxes, excess baggage charges, etc.
  • Entrance fees during the sightseeing in the city.

Dates & Prices

Select a Departure Month
Trip Dates
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Trip DateMay 24, 2024 -Jun 08, 2024
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Good to know

Festivals and Event in Nepal 2024

We are suggesting some of the biggest and most interesting festivals of Nepal, which are celebrated in the capital city of Kathmandu and in various parts of Nepal. You can plan a Nepal vacation or the 16-day Manaslu Circuit Trek accordingly so you can experience more Nepalese cultures and participate in the festive events.

Dashian Festival "Inside Nepal"

The longest and most significant celebration in Nepal is Dashain. The ten-day event honors the triumph of good over evil. Equal numbers of Hindus and Buddhists participate in the holiday. Dashain is a time for gathering with family and friends to rejoice. It's a joyful, peaceful, and joyful time. Dates of the Festival: October 10, 2024–October 15, 2024

Indra Jatra Festival, Kathmandu

Indra and his mother, Dagini, are honored during the eight-day joyful festival of the Newari community in the Kathmandu Valley in order to obtain their blessing for the upcoming harvest. The chariots of the living goddess Kumari, Ganesh, and Bhairav will be the main attractions of the festival, as will the Lakhey and many cultural mask dances around Kathmandu Durbar Square. Lord Indra is a particularly revered deity in Hindu societies where a good harvest is crucial since he has an avatar as the god of rain.

Himalayan Views from the Manaslu Circuit Trek

The 16-day Manaslu Trek reaches the summit of Larkya La Pass, which is located at an incredible elevation of 5,106 meters (16,751 feet), by taking the Manaslu Circuit Trek. As a result, the Manaslu Circuit trip is also known as the Larkya La Pass trip. The top provides breathtaking views of mountains like Mt. Manaslu (8,163), Mt. Annapurna (8,091), Mt. Dhaulagiri (8,167), Mt. Hiunchuli (6,441), and Ganesh Himal (7,422). Some people ask if we can see Mt. Everest, and the clear answer is no! Follow the link to see the viewpoints to see Mount Everest.

Once you are ready for the Manaslu Trek,.

Book your trek in advance: The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a popular and difficult trip, and it is necessary to schedule your excursion ahead of time so that we can book an experienced guide for this trek. If you are traveling during the peak season (March to May or September to November), it is best to make hotel reservations in advance.

Get a medical checkup: Before you go on this kind of high elevation, it is important to get a medical checkup to make sure you are in good health. You should also be aware of the risks of altitude sickness and take steps to prevent it. Consult with your personal doctors about how and when to take Diamox if needed.

Pack the necessary equipment: Trekking boots, trekking poles, warm clothing, sun protection, rain gear, a first aid kit, toiletries, a water bottle, snacks, a sleeping bag, and a backpack are all required for the trek. However, you can get a basic notion from the Nepal Trek Gear list.

Be prepared for altitude sickness. Altitude sickness is a real risk on the Larkey La Pass (Manaslu Circuit). The symptoms of altitude sickness include headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and fatigue. Yoga, breathing, swimming, cycling, and running will help, and you should start preparing before 3 to 6 months, depending on your personal physical activities.

Be adaptable. Because the weather in the Himalayas is unpredictable, it is critical to be flexible with your plan. Be ready to alter your plans if required.

The cost of the Manaslu Larkya La Pass Circuit Trek is per person and does not include single accommodations during the trip. The group departure dates are listed below. Please remember that these are only a few examples and that there may be other departure dates available. The easiest method to learn about specific departure dates is to contact us.

Who will be my trek guide for the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

You will be walking with a highly experienced mountain sherpa guide who can speak English. If you want a guide in another language for the Manaslu circuit trek, such as German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, please let us know, but there will be an additional cost.

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