Everest Base Camp Gokyo Ri TrekEverest Base Camp Gokyo Ri Trek

Everest Base Camp Gokyo Valley Trek

  • Duration15 Days
  • Difficulty Level Strenuous
  • Max Altitude 5,545 M (18,192 ft)
  • Group Size Max 14
  • Starts Lukla
  • Ends Lukla

This trekking package is the perfect match if you are thinking of the Gokyo Lake and Everest Base Camp combined trek. However, a 14- to 16-day Everest Base Camp Trek is a more popular trekking route in Nepal, but within that time frame, if you can cover Gokyo Lakes, why not? The Everest Base Camp with Gokyo Valley Trek is an adventurer's odyssey that leads to some of the most valuable treasures in the Himalayas. Get ready to have your breath taken away. This trip is about more than just crossing something off your bucket list—it's about being fully immersed in the vibrant tapestry of Sherpa culture, glacial lakes, and rugged peaks. Where turquoise kisses the sky: One of Nepal's highest settlements, Gokyo Valley, is like walking into a watercolor painting. The snow-covered slopes of towering giants such as Makalu, Lhotse, and Everest pierce the sky, reflecting on the placid surfaces of six glacial lakes. Though every lake has a certain emerald charm of its own, Gokyo Ri has the best viewpoint. Ascend to the 5,360-meter summit and get ready for an incredible view that will take your breath away.

Highlights of the Everest Base Camp Gokyo Valley Trek

  • Happiness in turquoise: See six mirrored glacial lakes that reflect snow-capped mountains like Makalu, Lhotse, and Everest.
  • Ascent to Heaven: For a breathtaking view that will take your breath away, climb Gokyo Ri (5,360m).
  • Outside the beaten route, experience the vibrant culture and warm hospitality of the Sherpas as you meander through charming villages.
  • Emerald Dance: Traverse historic valleys as the glacial waters of the Dudh Koshi River lead you.
  • Feel the sky: Feel the unadulterated force of Chomolungma's frigid breath as you stand in the shadow of Everest Base Camp.
  • A badge of honor: Get the satisfaction of climbing one of the most famous peaks in the world.

A less typical trail: Beyond the picture-perfect scenery is where this trek truly shines. The journey from Lukla, the "gateway to Everest," develops as if it were a secret narrative. Travel through charming Namche Bazzar and Sherpa villages decorated with mani stones and prayer flags, their warm, inviting faces contrasting with the majesty of the mountains. See the glacial waters of the Dudh Koshi River sculpting valleys carved by the passage of time into an emerald dance. Beyond the tangible: The goal of this journey is to conquer not only the mountains but also yourself. The gradual ascent presents a challenge, requiring a steady pace and reverence for the thin mountain air. Every step becomes a deliberate dance with the raw power of nature, and acclimatization turns into a sacred ritual. However, the sweeter the reward is after overcoming each obstacle: a stronger bond with the Himalayas and a humbled sense of perseverance.

A weaving of customs: Entering the trail is similar to entering a living museum. See the Sherpa culture's colorful tapestry woven throughout the terrain. With their prayer flags waving about like whispers in the breeze, Buddhist monasteries perch precariously on hillsides. The path is lined with chortens, silent guardians that silently narrate tales of bygone eras. Experience the hospitality of teahouse hosts and the warmth of yak herders, which is a testament to the perseverance of these mountain people. The allure of Everest: For some, the siren song of Everest Base Camp is irresistible. We combine the natural beauty of Gokyo Valley with the raw attraction of Everest Base Camp's frigid air in this 15-day itinerary with ease. Win the 5,420-meter Cho La Pass, a challenging ridge, and take in views that will stay with you forever. This is an assessment of your spirit as a mountaineer, a badge of honor attained in the thin alpine air. But keep in mind that Cho La Pass is a difficult place to visit and should not be taken lightly.

Popular trek in Nepal "Gokyo Ri Everest Base Camp Trek"

    Your choice, your journey: This 15-day Everest Base Camp Gokyo Valley hike fulfills your spirit, whether you want to take on the ultimate challenge of Cho La Pass or would rather travel through Gokyo Valley at a slower pace. The wonder of glacial lakes and snow-capped giants can still be experienced even if you decide not to go through the pass. The Gokyo Valley Trek is more than just a walk; it creates a deep spiritual impression. It's a voyage of mental and physical toughness, a visit to a place of exquisite beauty, and a glimpse into a culture as rich as the Himalayas themselves. It's about stretching yourself to the limit, finding your inner power, and coming home with a heart full of wonder and a fresh perspective on the world.

    Are you prepared to take a trip to the 15-day Gokyo Valley and Everest Base Camp Tek? Day Tours Nepal provides knowledgeable guides for treks that are intended to be safe, interesting, and enlightening. We have set 15-day Everest Base Camp, Gokyo valley trek, or 16-day Everest Base Camp Trek; you pick the best for and if you need any help Get in touch with us right now, and we'll assist you in discovering the Khumbu's gem—whether or not Everest's allure is present!

    How do I prepare my body for the Everest Base Camp Gokyo Lake trek?

    The call of the Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes beckons, but before you lace up your boots, conquer a different summit: your own physical readiness. Nepal's majesty unfolds through landscapes that pierce the sky and test the resilience of every limb. To dance with these giants, a well-prepared body is your essential passport.

    • First, defy the thin air. Living at sea level? Your blood needs to tango with altitude's thinner waltz. Mimic Nepal's heights with pre-trek hikes or climbs that echo its lofty spirit. Think 4,000–5,500 meters—anything to train your body to whisper "acclimatized," not "altitude sickness."
    • Next, sculpt legs of steel. These trails twist and turn, whispering tales of ancient glaciers and whispering demands on your quads. Squats, lunges, and leg-strengthening rituals in the months leading up are your secret weapon. Don't skip leg day; Everest Base Camp won't either.
    • Finally, fuel your heart's engine. Prepare for long, lung-busting days with a cardiovascular symphony. Running, cycling, swimming—your choice, as long as your heart and lungs become a well-oiled machine. Remember, Nepal's treks are a marathon, not a sprint.

    With these steps, you'll transform your body from a sea-level slumberer to a mountain maestro. Embrace the climb, savor the thin air, and let the Himalayas sing their song through your every step. Remember, the most breathtaking peak is the one you conquer within.

    Accommodation During the Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek

    The Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek offers a diverse tapestry of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. Whether you seek a cozy haven after a challenging day on the trail or a basic campsite to embrace the wilderness, there's something for everyone.

    • Comfort Seekers: For those who prioritize comfort, mid-range hotels and lodges dot the main towns and villages along the route. These typically boast en-suite bathrooms and a more relaxed atmosphere, although they come at a slightly higher price than simpler options.
    • Budget Travelers: Teahouses, the traditional Nepali lodges, are the most common and affordable choice. These offer basic but comfortable rooms, shared bathrooms, and a warm communal atmosphere where you can mingle with fellow trekkers. Many teahouses also serve delicious local meals and hot beverages to refuel your adventurous spirit.
    • Luxury Indulgence: For those seeking ultimate pampering, a few luxury hotels and resorts grace the Everest region. Imagine en-suite bathrooms, room service, and rejuvenating spa treatments—all within the breathtaking Himalayan embrace. However, prepare for a premium price tag and limited availability, primarily found in larger towns and villages.

    No matter your budget or style, the Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek offers an accommodation option to complement your adventure. So, choose wisely, pack your bags, and embark on a journey that will leave you breathless—both from the scenery and the comfortable sleep you'll find at the end of each day.


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    Calling all adventurers! This isn't just a trek; it's an odyssey to Nepal's crown jewels: the turquoise Gokyo Lakes and the legendary Everest Base Camp. Ready to dance with thin air, soak in Sherpa culture, and conquer challenges beyond compare? Buckle up, for this 15-day journey will leave you breathless in every sense

                                  Cost Details
                                  • Accommodation in Kathmandu on twin sharing with breakfast
                                  • Full Board (breakfast, lunch, and Dinner) in Trekking
                                  • Domestic Airfare Kathmandu-Lulkla Kathmandu as per itinerary
                                  • Accommodation during the trek (local lodge)
                                  • The government registered English-speaking local expert guides and porters.
                                  • Sagarmatha National Park fees and Khumbu entrance fees.
                                  • Farewell dinner in the city
                                  • Equipment and clothing for porters and staff.
                                  • Insurance for all staff and porters.
                                  • Private transportation for arrival, departure, and sightseeing.
                                  • First Aid Kit for Gokyo Valley Trek
                                  • Gokyo Valley Trekking Map.
                                  • Salary, allowances, expenses and insurance for all staff, including porters
                                  • Nepal visa: Multiple entry (30 days): USD 40
                                  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
                                  • Personal gear and clothing (available on hire)
                                  • Tips for guide and porters
                                  • Any expenses incurred in an emergency evacuation or roadblock due to any reason.
                                  • Table drinks and snacks while walking.
                                  • Personal insurance and medical evacuation in case of emergency.
                                  • Service other than those mentioned above.
                                  • Hot shower, battery charge (during the trek), telephone, etc.
                                  • Items of personal nature such as alcoholic drinks, cold drinks, laundry, and mineral water.
                                  Good to know

                                  During the Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek, treat your stomach and eyes.

                                  Not only is the gorgeous scenery of the Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek a hidden gem, but your taste buds will also delight on this delicious adventure! The star of the show is Nepal's famous food, which provides a symphony of flavors to fuel your journey. A sample of the delectable treats that lie ahead is provided here; however, the exact menu may change:

                                  Dal Bhat: A Hometown Hero in the Himalayas

                                  The staple meal of Nepali cuisine, this modest dish of rice and lentils, is more than simply a filling meal; it's a hug for the soul. You'll crave more with every delectable spoonful that is filled with fragrant spices and the freshest ingredients available in the area. If it ends up becoming your favorite comfort food when hiking, don't be shocked!

                                  Momo Mania: Tiny Pleasures

                                  These little morsels of happiness, filled to the brim with succulent meat or crunchy veggies, are Tibetan treasures. Whether steamed or fried, every tantalizing morsel is a mouthwatering explosion, expertly matched with a zesty dipping sauce. You'll be searching every menu for momos, we promise!

                                  Slurping Your Way to Warmth with Thukpa

                                  Steamed thukpa is the perfect remedy when the mountain air bites your cheeks. Full of veggies and spices, this substantial noodle soup is comfort food in a bowl. Refueling after an afternoon climb or conquering frigid mornings, each slurp provides you with warmth and vitality.

                                  Chow Mein: An Enticing Noodle Journey

                                  Lunchtime legend: a stir-fried symphony of noodles and veggies with a hint of Chinese flavor. The lively ballet of flavors and textures in each bite offers a welcome change of pace. Now grab your chopsticks and prepare for a taste explosion!

                                  Surprise Pizza: A Bite of Home Away in the Himalayas

                                  On Everest, who says you can't have pizza? Throughout the path, quaint pizzerias with melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness await. After a difficult day, treat yourself to this unplanned indulgence—you deserve it!

                                  Sweet Conclusions: The Heavenly Armour of Apple Pie

                                  Eat a slice of apple pie to warm your heart as the day comes to an end. This filling dessert is a staple in Nepali resorts and the ideal way to end a substantial dinner. Bursting with fragrant, spiced apples, every flaky bite brings back memories of home and the easy joys of the path.

                                  Things you Must Pack for the Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek

                                  Since you are on the Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek, you will need to make sure that you have all of the necessary gear. Here is a packing list to help you make sure you have everything you need.

                                  • A good-quality hiking backpack that is comfortable to wear
                                  • Hiking boots that are broken in and fit well
                                  • Warm socks and extra pairs in case of blisters
                                  • Hiking pants or shorts (depending on the weather)
                                  • A warm jacket
                                  • A rain jacket
                                  • A hat or bandana to keep the sun off of your face
                                  • Sunscreen
                                  • Sunglasses
                                  • Bug spray
                                  • First aid kit
                                  • Candy or energy bars for snacks
                                  • A water bottle (Camel Bag)

                                  Direct and connecting flights to Nepal

                                  Finding the perfect connecting flight to Nepal, the land of majestic mountains and serene spirituality, can be a daunting task. But worry not, fellow travelers, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the skies and land smoothly at your dream destination.

                                  Extra personal expenses for the Gokyo valley EBC Trek

                                  In Kathmandu, all meals—aside from the welcome and farewell dinners—require payment from the customers. Similar expenses include obtaining a visa, buying trip insurance, purchasing alcoholic beverages, trekking-related munchies, hot and cold beverages, souvenirs, entrance fees to the Kathmandu monuments (if you want to visit), and tips for the crew. Bringing cash in the form of dollars to exchange for rupees is advised. The Nepali market only accepts rupees and dollars. When changing, request minimal bills that are simple to pay.

                                  Tipping for the Guide and Porters

                                  There is no definitive answer to how much you should tip. It really depends on your personal preferences and the relationship you have with your guide. Some people feel that it is appropriate to tip their guides at the end of the trek, while others believe that tipping should be done throughout the journey. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how and when you want to show your appreciation for your guide's services. We suggest a minimum of 10 USD per day for the porter and 15 USD for the guide.

                                  Helpful Nepalese Phrases

                                  Since you are ready to come to Nepal, it's helpful to know a few keywords and phrases in the local language. Here are a few useful Nepalese words to help you with the Gokyo Everest Trek.

                                  • Namaste: hello
                                  • Dhanyabaad: thank you
                                  • Tapailai Kasto cha? How are you?
                                  • Aamaa/BuBa: mother/father
                                  • Bhai/Didi: brother/sister
                                  • Tapai: you (singular)
                                  • Hamro: our

                                  Day Tours Nepal: Embracing Adventure, Handling Hiccups

                                  At Day Tours Nepal, we're your gateway to conquering the Himalayas' breathtaking beauty. While we can't control the ever-changing mountain weather or guarantee against unforeseen circumstances, we'll be your steadfast companion every step of the way.

                                  Weathering the storms:

                                  Mother Nature reigns supreme in the Himalayas, and sometimes flights to and from Lukla, the gateway to Everest Base Camp, can be delayed due to weather. These delays can sometimes stretch to several days, so remember to book your flights to and from Kathmandu with ample buffer time (think several days) to avoid missing your international connection.

                                  Planning for the Best (and Beyond):

                                  If the skies cooperate and your flights go smoothly, we'll be thrilled to curate unforgettable activities for your precious vacation days. Hike through rhododendron forests, soak in breathtaking panoramas, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the region.

                                  When Time is of the Essence:

                                  The weather can alter even the most meticulous plans. If you have a tight schedule and flights out of Lukla are delayed, fret not! We can help you arrange a thrilling helicopter flight back to Kathmandu for an additional cost. Soar above the clouds, witness the Himalayas from a breathtaking perspective, and land in Kathmandu, ready for your onward journey.

                                  Our Promise:

                                  While we can't predict the skies, we can promise unwavering support. Should any problem arise, rest assured that our team will be by your side, managing the situation and doing everything in our power to ensure your Himalayan adventure remains as spectacular as possible.

                                  Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek Booking Guaranteed

                                  If you're looking to book the Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek and are worried about getting permits, don't be! We offer a 100% guarantee that you'll be able to trek with us. All you need to do is provide us with your passport information, and we'll take care of the rest. Lastly, don't forget to by Travel insurance, which covers Medical expenses and evacuations above 5000 m. Check WorldNomads Travel Insurance for the Everest Trek if you haven't got it.

                                  Who will be my trek guide for the Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek?

                                  You will be walking with a highly experienced mountain sherpa guide who can speak English. If you want a guide in another language for the Gokyo Lake Everest Trek, such as German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, please let us know, but there will be an additional cost.

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