Balen Shah is the New Mayor of Kathmandu District and it's a biggest change in Nepalese politics and hopes for Nepalese People. Balen Shah has promised that he will make Kathmandu a more authentic and heritage city. All the Best for and congratulation "Day Tours Nepal"

"Best of Nepal"

Kathmandu City Tour 7 Hours

Kathmandu City Tour

Trip Cost: $75 USD
Best Seller
Nagarkot day Hiking 1 Days

Nagarkot Hiking

Trip Cost: $105 USD
Best Seller
Everest Mountain Flight 2 Hours

Everest Mountain Flight

Trip Cost: $240 USD
Best Seller
Classic Everest Base Camp Trekking 15 Days

Classic Everest Base Camp Trekking

Trip Cost: $1750 USD
Best Seller
2 Days Trekking In Pokhara Dhampus 2 Days
Best Seller
Short Mardi Himal Trekking 5 Days

Short Mardi Himal Trekking

Trip Cost: $520 USD
Best Seller
Your 5 Days Nepal Tour Package 5 Days

Your 5 Days Nepal Tour Package

Trip Cost: $695 USD
Best Seller
Bed To Base Camp 3 Hours

Bed To Base Camp

Trip Cost: $4500 USD
Best Seller


It's the dream of every mountaineer, backpacker, hiker, and wanderer in the world to come to Nepal for touring, trekking, explore the cultures, and many more. Many people ask us which one is the best trek of Nepal or as a guide which one is the best. It's so hard to answer because every area and trek has its own character, Nepal is a very diverse country. From a short Kathmandu valley trek, Annapurna region Treks, Langtang Region, Manaslu, Upper Mustang, and Everest Region Treks are the best for all the time. Day Tours Nepal has only picked the top best Nepal treks for 2023 and 2024 or we can say all the time. 


Pocket Trips

Bed To Base Camp 3 Hours

Bed To Base Camp

Trip Cost: $4500 USD
Best Seller
Poon Hill on Wheels 2 Days

Poon Hill on Wheels

Trip Cost: $415 USD
Best Seller
Yuck Yummy 4 Hours

Yuck Yummy

Trip Cost: $50 USD
Job Shadow 1 Days

Job Shadow

Trip Cost: $65 USD
Three Ancient Kingdom 1 Days

Three Ancient Kingdoms

Trip Cost: $110 USD
Smoke With Sadhus 1 Days

Smoke With Sadhus

Trip Cost: $80 USD
Meet A Mate 5 Hours

Meet A Mate

Trip Cost: Contact Us
Holi Festival In Nepal 1 Days

Holi Festival In Nepal

Trip Cost: $65 USD

Why Day Tours Nepal?

Welcome to Day Tours Nepal in the beautiful kingdom of Nepal! We are a leading tour and travel agency in Nepal. If you’re seeking to take the road less travelled while you are with us, then Day Tours Nepal is the answer. Our unique tours lead you into all areas of Nepal.  From Yoga to Rafting, Hiking to Flying, there is something for everyone when you book with Day Tours Nepal. Whether you have just finished a trek or you have an extended layover in Kathmandu, we’ll fill your time with an entertaining, unforgettable experience.

Most people who visit do not have weeks and weeks to explore our country. In fact, most people only have a few days here. No worries! Day Tours Nepal is your one stop solution to making the most of your days in Nepal.  Become one with the local people and learn about the various cultures found in the foothills of the Himalayas.  Immerse yourself in the village lifestyle for a day and come back to Kathmandu for a tour through the winding alleyways, secluded courtyards and other seemingly hidden places around the city. Nepal is full of pristine mountains, but there is so much more to explore. Take a look around at our tour packages and you’ll realize that many of the deals we offer cannot be found anywhere else in Kathmandu.  We guarantee that no two trips we run are identical, and your special journey will be completely unique. Experience the magic of Nepal, a country that people have been inspired by and drawn to for decades.

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