buddhist heritage sites tour from Kathmandubuddhist heritage sites tour from Kathmandu

Monastery And Monks Tour Kathmandu

  • Duration1 Days
  • Difficulty Level Easy
  • Max Altitude 1750 M
  • Group Size Max 25
  • Starts Kathmandu
  • Ends Kathmandu

This tour is especially focused on Monastery and Monks highlighting with major Buddhist places nearby Kathmandu valley. Day Tours Nepal expert tour guide will briefly explain you about Nepal Monasteries, Monks, religion, and cultures this tour start 2 hrs drive from Kathmandu to  Namo Buddha and then Boudhanath Stupa for candle light.

About Namo Buddha

The pilgrimage site of Namo Buddha is about forty kilometers from the Boudhanath Stupa. Located on slightly elevated land, it is a pleasant and out-of-the-way place. The landscape below resembles an eight-petaled lotus, and the sky above has the form of a wheel with nine spokes. In this wide panorama, some mountains glisten white like a conch shell or a crystal. On other mountains, the groves of trees seem to gleam with emerald and turquoise jewels. In the summertime, southern winds bring coolness; in wintertime, the warm, gentle sun is like the clear and radiant face of youth. The flowers bloom bright and multicolored. In the blue vault of the sky, clouds gently gather and turn all shades of red at daybreak; they are beautiful in wondrous hues that fill space with their canopies and banners. Like a heap of white silk scarves, mists drift slowly from place to place. From the clouds, the drums of thunder resonate; lightning flashes like a slim dancer’s quick movement; and fine showers fall in brightness. In sum, all the harmonious conditions needed to practice samadhi are present at this sacred site. Merely coming here inspires one’s faith; renunciation and weariness with samsara naturally arise. As it is said: “In the supreme place of a solitary mountain retreat, any activity is virtuous.” In brief, Namo Buddha is a place of pilgrimage highly esteemed by people from all over the world, East and West.

A long time in the past, many immeasurable eons ago, our teacher the perfect Buddha was practicing on the path of learning. Below is the story of how he was overcome with compassion when he saw a tigress tormented by starvation and offered his body to her without a moment’s hesitation.

In the distant past, there lived in this world a king named Great Charioteer (Shingta Chenpo) who ruled over a small kingdom of some five thousand subjects. Due to the king’s accumulation of merit, all his subjects enjoyed happiness and well-being; rains came at the right time while crops and livestock flourished. The king had three sons: the oldest was named Great Sound (Dra Chenpo), the middle Great Deity (Lha Chenpo), and the youngest Great Being (Semchen Chenpo). Powerful in the martial arts and radiating confidence, the two elder sons always helped the king in governing the kingdom. From his earliest years, the youngest son, Great Being, was very bright and endowed with spontaneous kindness and compassion. He gave freely and generously to others as if to his only child. (source)

Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath is one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is known as Khāsti in Nepal Bhasa Jyarung Khasyor in Tamang language or as Bauddha by modern speakers of Nepali. The 36m-high Boudhanath Stupa near Kathmandu is the largest stupa in Nepal, and one of the largest in the world. It is a religious center for Nepal’s considerable population of Tibetans. It supposedly dates from the fifth century. With three square tiers surrounding the central circle of the dome, Boudhanath is built in the form of a mandala, a symbol of the universe that is often used in Buddhist meditations.

  • Sacred Buddhist Heritage sites visit.
  • Scenic countryside drive.
  • Landscapes, Mountains.
  • People, cultures, lifestyle.
  • Historical, heritage, religion.


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This tour starts at 8; 00 am in the morning, our guide and driver will come to your hotel to receive you. Our guide will take you to the places as it's mentioned in the trip details. Time will depend on traffic and all but the tour will end around 5; 00 pm.

    Cost Details
    • Culture expert Tour Guide.
    • Private Transporation.
    • Lunch, mineral water.
    • Entrance fees in monuments.
    • Tips for Guide/Driver.
    • Personal expenses such as drinks, snacks. 

    Dates & Prices

    • This Monastery and Monks Tour on request.
    • We receive the instant booking for this tour.
    • Pickup and drop include from your place. 
    Good to know
    • Check the weather before packing your daypack bag.
    • Carry mask, roads are dusty and bumpy. 
    • You may need an umbrella or rain cover.. (check the weather).
    • Normal shoes are enough for this tour.
    • Don't pat dogs while hiking some might be aggressive. 
    • Respect local people and make sure before taking pictures of them. 
    • In some places, people worship so ask a guide before resting (Sitting). 
    • Small bills will be easier for shopping. 

    Nepal Festival Monastery and Monks tour

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