Pokhara In One Day

Some travelers are confused that Pokhara is just near Kathmandu to do Pokhara city tours and other tour activities.  Pokhara is 210 km from Kathmandu and takes 5-6 hrs by road. You might be thinking 210 and it takes 6 hrs! Well, Nepal windy roads take that much time. Wait! if there is traffic then don't even imagine seeing the sunset on the same day. Normally after crossing Kathmandu, there won't be that much traffic. Another quickest way to go to Pokhara is by flight and 25 minutes by Buddha Air and Yeti Air.  Contact us for the best deals to fly to Pokhara.

If you choose to drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara you can enjoy the white water rafting in Trishuli river. The scenery is beautiful along the way. If you take a private vehicle then good because you can stop in any place to take pictures, Don't miss the waterfalls!! Besides winter and mid monsoon (July-Aug) you should try Rafting!.

You are excited to know what are those amazing Things to do in Pokhara One Day

Creativity is our specialty, and providing a positively memorable time for you is our priority. We are not saying all adventure sports are the major attractions in Pokhara but Pokhara city welcomes all kinds of travelers to explore and experience the beauty of it. 90 % of Nepal Tour packages cover Pokhara city in their itinerary because nobody wants to miss this place after being in Nepal. Pokhara is just a pleasant place for quiet people to relax, massage, meditation, yoga practice and stay on the Fewa Lake. The reflection of Annapurna ranges, Mt. Fishtail over the Fewa lake will just make you not want to leave Pokhara. For adventure and sports lovers, Pokhara will push you higher and higher. We select the best and you pick the best for you to make your holiday memorable.

Things to Do and see in Pokhara in One Day 2022


1) Sunrise, and Mountains view.

Many people think and the blog shows that mountains are far to see but don't be a fool now. First thing while driving from Kathmandu to Pokhara you will see some ranges such as Lamjung. Once you are near to Pokhara than the Giant snowcapped Mountains will welcome you along the way to your room. But your hotel must be in a proper location and floor. Hey! we can help you to book the hotel in Pokhara at a better price.  Well, let's move on where you can see the Mountains more closer and better view. 

The best places to see Mountains, Sunrise, and Sunset. 

  • Sarangkot: Sarangkot is the popular place in Pokhara and people don't miss this place for Sunrise, sunset, Mountains view and the Landscapes. It's better to go early morning for sunrise because once the sun rays start kissing the Himalayas it looks amazing. Photography and Photographer don't miss the morning kisses of sun rays!. From Pokhara, it's about 35 minutes drive so ask your hotel to give a wakeup call in the morning. Lazy in the morning! no problem you can enjoy with the sunset view from Sarangkot. But morning view is always pretty and clouds might cover the beauty in the afternoon and evening. SARANGKOT SUNRISE TOUR
  • Peace Stupa: Like its name, this place is peace and also another best viewpoint in Pokhara for Mountains, sunrise, and the Pokhara valley. If the stupa management lets you go inside in the morning you will see the monks chanting and welcome the sun. From peace stupa, you can see the panoramic mountains, Fewa lakes, Pokhara valley, and the landscapes. Sunset is also pretty good from here. Looking for Meditation? this place could be the best in the morning, restaurants are near to have breakfast.
  • Thulakot View Point: Thulakot is a newly discovered place in Pokhara and rarely travelers know about this place. The road is not good enough to reach the Thulakot but also in summer and winter 4x4 jeep drive is possible. Thulakot is 17-18 Km from Pokhara drive and 30 minutes walk will give you the incredible views. Almost we can see 8 lakes and the stunning Himalayan ranges from here. This is the best place in Pokhara and the future touristic place in Pokhara. Rice terrain is another best things to see from here and for Photographer you will get the best one!
  • Kahun Danda or Kahu Deurali: Newly opened view point for Sunrise and Mountain views. Day Tours Nepal team recently explored this area and the view was better from the Sarangkot lower view point. For sunrise and a peaceful place we highly reccommend Kahun Danda.
  • Pumdikot Shiva Statue: Newly built tallest shiva staue is another best place to see sunset, sunrise and Mountain view. We highly reccommend Pumdikot Shiva statue for sunrise spot and also for a day hike. 
  • Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour: What?? Yes! Don't be surprised because from Pokhara you can fly to Annapurna Base Camp and see the Himalayas in 360 degrees. Imagine flying over the world's tallest mountain peaks and standing at the Base Camp. You never know you will come back again to Nepal because the world is big and many places to visit. Day Tours Nepal arrange daily Annapurna Base Camp Tour from Pokhara and it's 350 USD per person. Hey, LOOKS AMAZING! is it safe? 100 % safe and people are doing it.  This tour is 3 hours in total from Pokhara to Annapurna Base Camp - Pokhara.

  • Naudanda Viewpoint: Another best place to see Mountains and sunrise view with Pokhara valley is Naudanda. It takes 35 minutes to drive from Pokhara and less tourist too. Best way to combine this place is visiting Sarangkot (Upper viewpoint) early morning and after that explore Naudanda. After Naudanda drive to Pokhara.

2) Adventure activities in Pokhara

  • Paragliding From SarangkotLooking for adventure sports in the Himalayan country? Then you are in the right place to fly over the Himalayas. There are other spots for Paragliding but Sarangkot is the best place for Paragliding. Cost 85 USD per person (with videos and pictures). Since the price changes in peak season and off-season so email us for current prices and offers. 
  • Ultralight Flight; Adventure lover and want to fly up in the air to see and feel the thin air? Awesome Ultralight flight is another thrilling adventure you can do. Cost 100 USD per person with taxes, and airport tax for 15 minutes. Maybe we have offers and the prices have changed, Contact us.

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  • Bungee Jumping Pokhara; Want to jump without wings but tightened up nicely! Bungee is another adventure sports activities in Pokhara and people don't miss this out. You never know if there are offers or discounts so connect with us.
  • Zip Flyer; You can feel the speed but you will not know when you landed. Extremely fun and it’s safe. Imagine you will be flying just in front of Annapurna mountain ranges, we know you don’t want to miss it. 
  • Heli Air Nepal (Pokhara); If you want to get up close to this awesome Annapurna, Fishtail, Dhaulagiri mountain ranges and can’t trek all the way there, Heli Air Nepal is the best! 30 minutes and 1-hour flight to see the world's tallest mountain peaks.
  • Hot Air Ballooning in Pokhara From November 17 November now you can enjoy another adventure sports which is a Hot Air Balloon. Price per person cost 100 $ for foreigners and 8000 Rupees for Nepalese people. If you are interested email us or connect with us in WhatsApp +9779813952417.
  • Day Trip Rafting in Pokhara; The 1 and half hours upper seti river rafting is another thrilling adventure sport in Pokhara. It's just about a 30 min ride from Pokhara lake side to reach the rafting point. With the magnificent mountain views of Annapurna ranges, enjoy the white water rafting in Pokhara. For Day Trip Rafting in Pokhara simply email us or text us.

3) Day Hiking Around Pokhara

You might be thinking to stretch your legs to get the mountain hiking experience. Getting quite high means you will see some great views and also experience the mountain lifestyle. Not only the beautiful landscapes, Himalayas, and lakes are things to see in Pokhara but if you push yourself quite high or walk around you will see some unchanged lifestyle of mountain people. From Pokhara, many treks depart in Annapurna region and it's like a station of Annapurna Base Camp, Ghorepani Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Khopra Danda Trek, Upper Mustang, Muktinath and the ending point of Annapurna Circuit.
We are suggesting some short day hiking trips from Pokhara which still amazed you with the Himalayas, People, Landscapes, lifestyle and many more. Day Tours Nepal is the one-day trip planner in Nepal and we are specialized in day trips so we only placing the best day hikes from Pokhara. You can visit our blog which is famous and the best day hikes from Pokhara. 

4) Easy Things To Do In Pokhara

As we mentioned above Pokhara is not only the place to do adventure, hiking, crazy flying, jumping, and trekking but it's a pleasant place to relax and do some easy things. Why trek or go far in Pokhara since you can see the Himalayas from your room, streets, and lakeside. A short drive or easy walk around Pokhara valley offers you some touristic places where you can enjoy your day. The things that you can easily do in Pokhara, places, and interest. 

  • Davis Fall: This is the place where you can see the waterfall, The fall is beautiful but it might disappoint you during the summer time. If you are in monsoon time you will be amazed but still worth place to visit and has a story behind this fall.  Some people expect the same views and things like 1998 or before but by the time climate has changed and it might not look exactly what you are seeing in pictures. Entrance fee is cheap.
  • Gupteshwor Cave:  This is the natural cave in Pokhara and the god Shiva statue inside this Cave. This cave is just opposite of Davis fall and you need to walk around 250 steps down with dripping water. This place is slippery so be careful walking inside, Guptesshwor cave is not only the religion but to see the natural things and at the end, you can see the waterfall. Worth to visit and this place can combine with Davis Fall. 
  • Mahendra Cave: If you are imagining that it's wow and something magical inside then don't visit. Mahendra cave is another cave which is similar to Gupteshowr cave but bigger than it. Mahendra cave has stories behind so better to be with the guide and it's known as the interesting cave in Pokhara, Nepal. Walking deep down to the earth in darkness but you will get a headlight and light inside the cave, bats will be flying around. It's worth place to visit in Pokhara. 
  • International Mountain Museum: If you want to learn and know how the Mountaineers climb mountains than it's a worth place to visit in Pokhara. Here you can get so much information about the ethnic groups, the major peaks, and the people who summited the Himalayas.
  • Boating in Fewa Lakes, Begnas Lakes: You can even enjoy the boating in Fewa lakes and visit Tal Barahi Temple. Tal Barahi Temple is in the middle of the Fewa lake. Mostly in this temple, many kinds of celebrations and activities happen such as marriage so worth to visit here. Rent a boat at sail around the Lake. Another Lake Begnas, which is bigger and famous lakes but people don't put in their itinerary or not even in blogs but this lake is a more quiet and beautiful lake in Pokhara. You will not see all mountain reflection in this lake but along the way, to Begnas you can see the Himalayan ranges. It's quite far about 20km from Pokhara but the worth place to visit. 
  • Tibetan Refugee Camp, Monastery: This place is a sort of culture place where you can see Tibetan Refugees settlement. This place is not like other poor refugee camps but you can see Tibetan peoples, and buy their Pendants, jewelry, Thankas, handicraft items. Pema Tsal monastery could be another place where you can see the monks chanting, praying and meditating. Learn Tibetan Culture in this Monastery.
  • Annapurna Cable Car: Now you can experince and reach Sarangkot for sunrise and sunset by Cable car. This is the beautiful ride to see Pokhara valley with the magnificent mountain views from the top.
  • Yoga and Meditation in Pokhara: Pokhara is a peaceful town so on your free day you can join Yoga practice or Meditation courses. Yoga word supposes not to be cheap but nowadays it's like a buying Mcdonalds on the go! Well, you can Meditate inside the Monastery and also some courses are offered in Pokhara. Connect with us for Yoga and Meditation courses in Pokhara
  • Shopping, Food and Night Life: Most of the shops in the downtown of Pokhara are for Tourist. It's a good place to buy souvenirs. You can bargain with shopkeepers! Pokhara is Foodie town too you can get all kind of foods, many nice restaurants around the town. With lake and mountain view restaurants are the places where you can enjoy your meals. Nightlife is not like Bangkok, and don't expect the craziness 24hrs pubs, bars like back home! You can enjoy the walk, live music restaurants, bars, and disco too.



Trekking Places Near Pokhara

Best way to travel from Kathmandu to Pokhara.

  • Morning Tourist bus. Departs 7;00 am ( 6-7 hrs).
  • Night Tourist bus. Departs 21;00 (7 hrs).
  • Flying to Pokhara ( 25 min).
  • Private vehicle  ( 5-6 hrs)

Day Tours Nepal have own private cars, van, and Jeep if you are looking for a private drive to Pokhara contact us. Best deal for flight tickets to Pokhara and we do issue Bus tickets to Pokhara.

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