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Some travelers are confused that Pokhara is nearby Kathmandu and can be visited as a day trip, but it is actually 210 kilometers away. Pokhara is the hub of adventure tourism in Nepal. Most visitors to Nepal (about 60–70%) do not want to miss this beautiful town. The well-planned infrastructure, stunning Himalayan peaks, beautiful lakes, lush hills, and fresh air are the main attractions for travelers. There are land and air routes that connect Pokhara Valley to Kathmandu. It takes about 6 hours to get there by road and 25 minutes by air.

Pokhara City offers a variety of adventure sports for all types of travelers and all seasons. Spring is the best time to visit Pokhara, but the scenery will always draw you back to this relaxing town. Pokhara is the best place for budget travelers who want to spend their vacation longer in a peaceful place with a limited budget. Pokhara is the starting point for many famous trekking routes, including Annapurna Base Camp, Ghorepani Poon Hill, Khopra Danda,Mardi Himal Base Camp, Upper Mustang, and Khopra Danda.


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Best Day Hiking Trips From Pokhara 2024

Day Tours Nepal offers the best day hiking trips from Pokhara for travelers who have limited time but want to explore the area. Pokhara Valley itself offers stunning views of the Annapurna mountain range, but for a closer look, there are several viewpoints where you can go on a day hike. Sarangkot, Kalikasthan, and Peace Stupa are popular places for sunrise hikes in Pokhara.

Sarangkot Day Hiking

Sarangkot is the famous sunrise and mountain viewpoint from Pokhara. Normally, from Pokhara, it takes 35 to 45 minutes to drive, and after enjoying the view from here, start hiking down to Pokhara or Naudanda. The best way to enjoy a local and village walk is to walk towards Naudanda and drive back to Pokhara. If you are active early in the morning, it is better to drive early for sunrise and have breakfast with magnificent views than start hiking.

  • Sarangkot Day Hike Starting Point: Pokhara - Sarangkot
  • Sarangkot Day Hike in hours: 4 hours
  • Sarangkot Elevation: 1600 m, 5,249ft
  • Sarangkot Day Hike Price: USD 85 (Includes: Vehicle, Guide, and Lunch) 
  • A grade of Sarangkot Hike: Easy 
  • Sarangkot hiking for Kids?: Recommended 

View from Sarangkot

World Peace Stupa

  • Peace Stupa Day Hike Starting Point: Pokhara, Fewa Lake, or from Peace Stupa.
  • Peace Stupa Day Hike in hours: 3-4 hours
  • Peace Stupa Elevation: 1100m, 3,608ft
  • Peace Stupa Day Hike Price: USD 65 (Includes: Vehicle, Guide, Boating) 
  • A grade of Stupa Hike: Easy 
  • Peace Stupa hiking for Kids?: Recommended

View From Peace Stupa

Kalikasthan - Begnas Lake (Thulakot Hill Day Hike)

  • Kalikasthan Day Hike Starting Point: Pokhara-Bijapur Drive.
  • Kalikasthan Day Hike in hours: 3-4 hours
  • Kalikasthan Elevation: 1,059m, 3,474ft
  • Kalikasthan Day Hike Price: USD 95 (Includes: Vehicle, Guide, Lunch) 
  • A grade of Kalikasthan Hike: Easy 
  • Kalikasthan day hiking for Kids?: Recommended
  • This hike will cover Begnas Lake, and the trip will end at Begnas Lake and drive back to Pokhara.

View From Thulakot

Dhampus Village.

  • Dhampus Day Hike Starting Point: Pokhara-Phedi.
  • Dhampus Day Hike in hours: 5–6 hours
  • Dhampus Elevation: 1,680m, 5511ft
  • Dhampus Day Hike Price: USD 95 (Includes: Vehicle, Guide, Lunch) 
  • The grade of Dhampus Hike: Easy 
  • Dhampus Day Hiking for Kids?: Recommended, but only downhill.

Dhampus village day hike

Australian Camp, Pothana Village.

  • Australian Camp: Pothana Day Hike Starting Point: Pokhara - Kande
  • Australian Camp Day Hike in hours: 5–6 hours
  • Australian Camp Elevation: 2,000m, 6561ft (Pothana: 2044m)
  • Australian Camp Day Hike Price: USD 105 (Includes: Vehicle, Guide, Lunch) 
  • The grade of Australian Camp Hike is Easy (If you have a problem with your knees rather than carrying hiking poles.)
  • Australian Day Hiking for Kids?: Recommended

view from australian camp

Kahun Danda or Kahu Deurali.

  • Kahun Danda Day Hike in hours: 4-5 hours
  • Kahun Danda Elevation: 1,444 M (4,740 ft)
  • Kahun Danda Day Hike Price: USD 85 (Includes: Vehicle, Guide, Lunch) 
  • The grade of Kahun Danda Hike is Easy (If you have a problem with your knees rather than carrying hiking poles)
  • Hiking for Kids?: Recommended

view from Kahun Danda

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