Pokhara Declared Tourist Capital Nepal

The formal designation of Pokhara as Nepal's tourism capital has been made. During the Pokhara Festival on Sunday, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda proclaimed Pokhara to be the world's tourism capital. He cited Pokhara's distinction in combining natural and cultural adventure zones as the basis for the award.

One of Nepal's top tourist destinations is Pokhara. With effect today (March 17, 2024) , the Nepali government has formally named it the nation's center of tourism.

"Pokhara, a popular tourist destination known for its unique blend of natural beauty and cultural adventure options, has been officially declared Nepal's tourism capital," said Dhanraj Acharya, head of the Pokhara Metropolitan Municipality, in a speech during the ceremony. This accreditation will greatly accelerate the expansion of tourism in Nepal and the Gandaki area. Pokhara's distinctive mix of attractions has already made it a well-known travel destination across the globe, and this choice is in line with other towns' declarations of capital based on their own distinctive features and identities."

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Based on a number of factors, a study team comprised of professionals suggested designating Pokhara as the tourism capital. "It was announced on the basis of the institutional decisions and recommendations of all the agencies," he stated.

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