Bisket Jatra Bhaktapur

Every April, Bhaktapur hosts the colourful nine-day celebration known as Bisket Jatra. It celebrates the New Year in Nepal and has a rich history based on Hindu mythology. The main event of the celebration is the dragging of tall chariots through the town, which stands for the triumph of good over evil.

At temples, devotees congregate to get blessings and take part in ceremonies. The streets are filled with vibrant parades, traditional dances, and music that highlight Nepal's rich cultural past. Bisket Jatra is a season of community, rebirth, and joyous celebration of good fortune's victory.

bisket jatra or biska jatra from Bhaktapur

The Bisket Jatra from Bhaktapur festival encourages tourism as well because so many people travel to see the show. Every year, Bisket Jatra brings communities together via its bright exhibition of culture, which is a monument to Nepal's surviving traditions.