Inside Kathmandu

Trip Duration 1 Days
Destination Nepal
Trip Grade Easy
Activity Sightseeing
Transportation Private Car
Meals None
More Facts Less Facts

We want to urge the typical tourist to develop a deeper cultural experience in Kathmandu beyond what Thamel offers.  Even beyond the main tourist destinations, there are infinite things to see here.  For this reason, we offer this ‘off-the-beaten-path’ day tour to help you discover parts of this mysterious, mystical city that you would not otherwise see.  

Maybe you have some extra time in the city for sightseeing, but you’ve already been to the top tourist destinations.  Or perhaps you’ve been to Kathmandu before, but just haven’t wandered off as much as you’d like to.  Either way, our Day in Kathmandu tour takes you through the winding side streets to discover the hidden gems of the city.  We visit places that are culturally, spiritually, and historically significant, but are not as flooded with tourists as the popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  These places are visited by residents of Kathmandu, but your average tourist hasn’t even heard of them.  Our experienced tour guides will tell you all about the Buddhist monasteries, Hindu temples, and places in between that we visit during our Day in Kathmandu tour.   We’ll stop for some traditional Nepali snacks before continuing on to more places that you won’t find in your average guidebook.  

Though the main destinations, which include Asan and Patan, will be meaningful, it is the journey in between that is most exciting.  Passing through back alleys, under tunnels, and through charming neighborhoods, this ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour will show you a side of Kathmandu only experienced by the locals. The unexpectedness and spontaneity of Kathmandu makes this day tour especially interesting, as it is a little different each time.  If you have any questions about our Day in Kathmandu tour, do not hesitate to reach out.