Festival Tour In Nepal

Trip Duration 10 Days
Destination Nepal
Transportation NA

In Nepal there are many festivals & events but the Dashain festival is one the biggest festival. This festival is not only celebrated by Hindu people but both Buddhist and Hindu people celebrate together. Dashain Festival is the longest and auspicious festival in Nepalese calendar. Nepalese people around the globe celebrate this festival and they try to visit home during Dashain.

To make more exciting and memorable for this Dashain Festival Tour Nepal 2017 we are taking you in villages . It’s worth to visit in villages during this festival and living with local people, at the beginning we will visit the biggest Kali (Goddess) Temples inside Kathmandu. Durinnt cultures, living style of village people, amazing mountains, landscape of Nepal, world’s first Nuns Monastery, food and many more..

This festival Dashain has different names “Dasain, and Dahsera” and also different way to celebrate but Nepalese celebrate for 15 days. Dashain is regarded as victory of truth over the evil; it reminds that the evil may be strong for a time; the truth and good will always prevail over it. Dashian is the festival of joy and celebration and mostly this festival is just after the season of harvest when farmers are filled with rice and grains. This is the pleasant time in the year, which Nepalese call as “Sarad Ritu”. In villages people will have lots of rice and that rice will be mix with red color and put on forehead from senior family members.  “Dashahara Means {Dasha ; Ill, fortune, Hara; take away} means take away ill fortune.  For more information about this trip email to Day Tours Nepal tour expert.

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