Festival Tour In Nepal

Trip Duration 10 Days
Destination Nepal
Transportation NA

Nepal is home to the longest, most extravagant festivals in the world. Witness holidays like you have never seen them before! Not only observe, but participate with locals in the country-wide celebrations of Indra Jatra and Dashain. Festivals here in Nepal are on an entirely different scale than most western countries. From colorful parades to massive animal sacrifices, the things you will see on our Festival Tours in Nepal are unlike anything you have ever and probably will ever see. It is an authentic tour into the heart of Nepali culture.
Let’s be honest, anytime you come to Nepal, you are more than likely to be here during one of our dozens of festivals. Anytime of the week, you might see a crowd playing music or carrying an ornately decorated chariot around the streets. However, Indra Jatra and Dashain are two of the biggest and most exciting. They are celebrated all around the country, uniting the Nepalese people. We invite you to come for these so you can see Nepal’s festivities at their best.
Indra Jatra, in September, arrives as the monsoon comes to an end. The festival honors Indra (king of the Vedic gods and the god of rain), while the Kumari makes her way around town on an elevated chariot. Kumari is Kathmandu’s living goddess who comes in the form of a young girl.
We stay in the best spots to be at during Indra Jatra – Basantapur and the surroundings of the ancient royal palace. Ceremonial music is played and rituals are done, including one one that involves beer pouring out of Bhairab’s mouth, giving good fortune to those who manage to get a sip.
Or, Join us for Nepal’s number one biggest, most extravagant festival – Dashain! Happening sometime in September or October, it is the longest and most auspicious festival in the year, bringing Hindus and Buddhists together. Dashain recognizes the victory of truth over evil; it reminds that the evil may be strong for a time but truth and good will always prevail.
Our nearly two-week long tour makes the most of Dashain as we visit temples in Kathmandu and villages on the fringes of the valley, where the real excitement happens. We stay with families and experience the holiday as they experience it.
Dashain transcends most holidays in the west. To celebrate the victory of the goddess Durga over evil, everything closes for two weeks. Animals are sacrificed by the thousand, giant bamboo swings are made, feasts are eaten, and everyone is jolly. Countless rituals involving games, dress, parades, food, and more happening during Dashain. Each day of Dashain is a new adventure.
Come experience this authentic cultural tour with us as we spend time with Nepali families, seeing how Indra Jatra and Dashain are celebrated by typical Nepalese.
Ask us for more details about our Festival Tours in Nepal! Exact dates vary from year to year. Email us and we will give you precise dates and the detailed day to day itinerary.