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It is hard, to sum up, a beautiful and great trip in a few words, but Nepal is quite impressive. It offers incredible landscapes, many different, between the snow-capped mountains, the wild animals in the parks, the views of the valleys, the horizon, the calm and relaxing villages, Kathmandu which moves everywhere, the Magnificent lakes, nature to the horizon … These places that allow us to be in osmosis with nature, with ourselves … Nepal takes you the words from the mouth! And I know I still have a lot to discover … The Nepalese population as pleasant as the landscapes is a kindness and an exceptional kindness. They are helpful, smiling, relaxing, courageous and strong despite the hardships. We loved their companies, and I want to thank those who fell on our path and who offered us these priceless moments, it is also you that makes us want to come back to Nepal.

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My Travel Experience in Nepal

I went to Nepal in November 2015 accompanied by my little sister, and we were amazed by this country. A lot of feedback tells us that we started with a single country and that few will reach the height of Nepal. We arrived by Sauraha, at 5 am, and woke up in excitement, not sure why the bus stopped, on must go down, we are lost! But a charming Nepalese comes to offer us his help, explaining that it is the border of India / Nepal, accompanies us for the few administrative steps, introduces us to his friends, make us taste their incredible…

Unfortunately, it is the time of the exit for our road, but the first hours in Nepal are already rich in emotions.


We stop in Lumbini. These few days of rest, calm, nature, and visiting majestic temples are precious. The meeting with Jupiter (our host) and his family is very appreciative also, he is smiling, interesting, and warm, he advises us on our tours, and we greatly facilitated our way to get to Chitwan National Park. Arriving at our guesthouse in Chitwan, we offer a meeting of an exciting young man, we offer you a drink for our arrival, and so we present the different offers for Chitwan. Son of speech easily lasts one hour … Tent everything to coax us, big gestures, small jokes, a few French sentences…

Once in the village, we met 2 guides of Chitwan, who on the fast grave agreed to our visit to the famous National Park. We found them the next morning, and we had a magical day with them. On a market more than 25 km along the day and without feeling it, we discovered plants, insects, experienced guides, on a chance to see several rhinoceros, crocodiles, families of monkeys, A trail of a tiger, a wild boar … the guides handed us their knowledge and were excellent company, we even ended our day sharing a beer with them, and we kept discussing a few hours with These warm guides.

Chitwan Safari Elephant Bath

Arriving at Pokhara, we are settled to the south of the lake.

We took the longest way to get to the Pagoda, on the way, a Nepalese approached us, some time ago to see the view from his hotel and on a good follow :). After admiring the peace pagoda, we came down through a small village. We stopped in a small, authentic Nepalese restaurant, and we did well, the food is excellent, our host is really friendly, and the price is really affordable compared to large and good plates. We go straight across to finish our meal with a tea, and again are not disappointed with the place!

We went on our way to visit the Mahadev (Gupteshwor) caves and Devi’s Waterfall, we met the dishes of children on the road, who laugh, who play, who greet us !!

And we are praised slowly on Pokhara to admire on each side of the road, the smiles and the authentic life of the Nepalese.

The next day we go pedaling to the Temple Varahi Mandir, we enjoy a superb view of the hills, the mountains, Pokhara, and the beautiful blue of this lake … Amazing! This city is magical, to realize that would say a little paradise, I am so happy to discover it! We end the day by the sunset at the “view Pokhara”. The next day we decided to change our guest house to find ourselves north of the lake, arrived at a guest house which is complete, and the boss advises us to climb a little more to get to another … The steps Are deserved... We arrive at a guest house, the family is comfortable, and we still discover a superb view on Pokhara. The family is very welcoming and warm, we are delighted to meet you.

We take advantage of Pokhara by strolling through the narrow streets and discovering the French Bakery, a Nepalese who went to France to learn French viennoiserie, it is a success! We do great encounters, with these two French people settled in Nepal and who do paragliding, these tourists as we are amazed by Nepal, a couturier, a seller of cloth, a salesman of food, jewelry … so smiling, sympathetic. .. On the hours stay with each person!!

As Pokhara is a magical city, we went there so well … we take the sudden decision to get off Sarangkot in paragliding! This project was not planned at all; on the contrary, prices are quite similar in France.

Boating in Fewa Lake Pokhara

But fortunately, we did it =)

We are on the march to get from Pokhara to Sarangkot on foot. This hike is quite tough but so beautiful to do. On the way we come across small villages, children, smiles, and beautiful hills, at every step, I turn to admire the view of the lake, I would not forget this picture! Arrived at Sarangkot, we understand that everything deserves ^ ^ the view is impregnable, majestic, magic … It feels good … We need nothing else!

I fell ill all night! I have very little sleep, I am thirsty … the alarm clock sounds, it is time to see the sunrise … I would not miss another wonder so despite my condition we are preparing … and We go to the balcony of the hotel.

The sunset was magnificent, and the sunrise was so too! Difficult to find the right words to describe this moment. The sun is lit slowly, and we face an indescribable view, we discover snowy mountains, they are so impressive, we feel they are right next to us … We see Pokhara, its lake, Its hills … One feels so small face this horizon, this beauty! We take advantage of this moment to have breakfast, finally, I would have just eaten an apple ^ ^ and then we go to the inevitable point of view of Sarangkot.

And here, we discover a part of the Himalayan chain, we are lucky to have a blue sky without clouds, to admire these mountains so majestic that they take away the words the mouth, and We remain for a good hour to savor this moment, again magical! We also met teenagers with whom we share a few sentences in English, some photos, some smiles. The Nepalese girls are beautiful, beautiful!

In view of my condition, I take the opportunity to rest a little before jumping into paragliding. It is finally time, I wake up, and by chance, I am much better, and I regained all my energy! Our two new friends and the team come to look for us in Jeep, we must be a good ten ^^

Everyone starts to prepare, the moment is approaching, and we are surprisingly relaxed with my little sister, the impression that we do not know what have done here. Come to the turn of my little sister, I see her fly after having run a few steps, it looks so simple to fly

By Anaella, “French Traveller”


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