Tips For Nepal Travel

Before heading to Nepal you must learn some Most Helpful Tips for Nepal Travel which will help you to make your travel easier.

Nepal Airport, Visa, and Waiting

  • AIRPORT: “Nepal international airport is world’s worst airport”. It’s a small international airport, where domestic and international flights runway is same. But good thing is you can see amazing Himalayas while flying and also from Airport.
  • VISA: Make sure you carrying passport size pictures with you if you had not applied visa online. Carry Cash for Visa fees, Cards are not accepted.
  • WAITING: To collect your baggage and also for visa there will be long queue. This is more frustrating part at the airport. When you clear everything inside and walking outside there will be many guys who want to carry your bags. Most of them will ask you money, don’t give your bags to unknown people they will be annoying asking for TIPS TIPS TIPS.

Nepal Roads, Hunks, and Dust

  • ROADS: You will feel roads are small and quite narrow then your home country, it’s much better than before but also there will be crazy traffic sometime. Crazy bike riders’ speed and rules are sometime terrible.
  • HUNKS: You will definitely surprise in this country, pepep poooo, oh yeah it’s irritating but it’s gone be new experience of your travel. Welcome to Nepal!
  • DUST: Another problem is dust while riding or walking, carry mask with you and of course sunglasses. Vehicle pollution is terrible and garbage on the street.

Nepal Drugs, Hacker and Beggars

  • DRUGS: You will be surprised once you start walking inside Thamel Street, there will be people asking you “You want drugs?” Hassis, Marijuana. Thamel is small area and you will be asked many times while walking. Ignore them!
  • HACKER: Be aware with Hackers especially in Thamel Street or in major touristic places, there will be many hackers who will try to sell you trekking, tours in commission based. They are not trusted people!
  • BEGGARS: Some women will be walking with baby and ask you for money to feed milk, food for baby. This is their business, if you purchase food for them they will go back on same shop and return food and take money. Also there will be other street kids who will be asking you for money.

Nepal Hotels, Restaurants, and Nightlife

  • HOTELS: There are nice hotels, and resorts in Nepal with good WIFI in major town even in trekking routes. Hotel prices are average to high especially inside Thamel there are nice budget to standard hotels. Don’t expect hotels like in DUBAI, Singapore or in big countries but clean and good hotels you can expect. If you like quiet then Thamel might not be a good choice for you.
  • RESTAURANTS: You will get chance to taste food from all around the world, taste can be different but you will get YUMMY food. Thamel is touristic hub in Kathmandu and in Pokhara also there are nicest restaurants for food. You can get good food in your hotel too. There are many other touristic places which is expanding nearby Kathmandu so ask your tour operator or guide.
  • NIGHTLIFE: It’s pretty complicated to say about the nightlife in Nepal, Only in Thamel and Durbar Marg and in Pokhara you can feel a Night life with Disco, Pub, Jazz and more. Most of the shops and places will be closed lately 12; 00 in midnight but government is planning to open 24 hours inside Thamel. It’s safe to walk inside the touristic places but the problem is electricity (load shedding) in Nepal so places might be dark in the night. Most of the Disco will be packed with Guys “seems like they are there to hunt girls”. Prostitute is not legal in Nepal but you will see girls walking around after 9; 00 pm around Thamel Street. You will be asked for “you need girls”? But we suggest you not to try, you never know what. But you can find a good partner in bars and restaurants in the evening.  Be aware while walking in dark place.

Nepal Maps, Direction, and Language

  • MAPS: It’s easy now to know about maps from your mobile, Get SIM Card once you arrive in Nepal, Day Tours Nepal will provide you a Map and SIM Card after check in hotels and give you some ideas.
  • DIRECTIONS: If you don’t carry Maps or use Mobile then you will get lost, it’s pretty terrible that there are no proper directions in Nepal.
  • LANGUAGE: In major touristic places people can speak good English and friendly too, you can ask for help. But in some places inside valley or outside valley people barely understand your language so try to understand their sign.

Nepal Busses, Car, and Flight

  • BUSSES: Local buses are terrible inside Kathmandu valley, even in long routes but there are Tourist buses for Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini. Tourists buses are comfort to travel ask with your tour operator or Day Tours Nepal will arrange tourist Bus tickets inside Nepal. If you are thinking to use local buses inside valley then you will be surprised but you are here to experience, Make sure your wallet and personal belonging things are safe in your bags. It’s hard to get back once you lost in Local buses or in CABS.
  • PRIVATE CAR: Travelling inside Nepal in Private Car or Jeep is pretty comfort because you can feel safe and comfort too. You can stop anywhere you want to stop for pictures, tea break and also drivers are well experienced in Tourism. Some can speak well English some barely can speak but they will understand you. Day Tours Nepal arranges Car Rental in Nepal.
  • FLIGHTS: In major touristic destinations there are small aircrafts such like in Pokhara, Lumbini there are big aircraft. Lukla, Jomsom, and other remote areas has Small aircraft prices are pretty high but it’s easy to access in short time.

Nepal Cyber, Cell, and Internet

  • CYBER: You will find cyber in major touristic places to High Himalayas, Even in Gorakshep (Everest base camp) you will able to use cyber café. In high himalayas it’s pretty expensive but you can do your work.
  • CELL: There are 2 big cell companies in Nepal one is NCELL and another is NTC both of these company has good service. Ncell is pretty good for fast internet service provider, you can post your pictures from Everest base Camp too, you will able to connect with your friends and family. But some places you will not able to use both of these services on that case ask with your guide for any urgency.
  • INTERNET: In major places you will get free wifi in restaurants and hotels with good connection. Also you can use good internet from your Mobile after purchasing local SIM Card.

Nepal Safety, Security, Single.

  • SAFETY: Nepal is pretty safe to travel for all the time, there was many bandas (strikes) and Maoist problem but also there was no harmful for tourist. Rarely there are some cases which had happen unexpectedly but in general Nepal is Safe to Travel.
  • SECURITY: You are in the country where people welcome guest as a GOD, there are no crimes and threats from Terrorist in Nepal. Feel like a home!
  • SINGLE: Especially single female travelers scared to travel Nepal alone but it’s safe to travel in Nepal. People respect for foreigner and welcome you as a guest anywhere in Nepal. It’s pretty safe to organize trip with tour operator in Nepal, where guides are trust able. It’s Fact that some people will think that white girls are easy for Sex because of the Porn movies they have being watching. But you can feel safe with your guide and tour operator. BUT while in trekking don’t drink too much alcohol till late with guides and porters, all of we know ALCOHOL is terrible sometime.