Reason To Go For Nepal Trekking

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“We trek not to escape life, but so ‘life’ doesn’t escape us.” Our busy lives may not give us the time to realise that most of us merely survive, not live. Gift yourself the freedom and happiness you deserve.

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Reasons To Go For Nepal Trekking

Disconnect! Slow down! And breathe!

How often do you find yourself rushing from A to B with no time to breathe? Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, building your own business, or assuming family responsibilities, it is easy to get caught in the mundane scripted life that chooses us.

You will feel a sense of calm, start singing, smile, and have a completely different frame of mind. To be honest, trekking is medicine. It will heal and transform your outlook on the world completely. Disconnect and give yourself the freedom you deserve; life is not meant to be a timetable.

Reason To Trek in Nepal - Spring Trek

You’ll never get this close to nature—it’s real; it’s forever!

Trekking is a beautiful way of traveling. It’s real—it is an unscripted experience filled with surprises. Take a chance and view the world without a filter.  The views and undiscovered spots you get to see on a trail are ones that no world-class tour can guarantee you. “We have seen trekkers burst into tears every time they see a captivating view. The mountains have the ability to touch your soul. You’ll never get this close to nature anywhere else.


While trekking, your entire focus is on the beauty of the surroundings that you get exposed to. You tend to forget the fact that you are actually burning calories in the process. The whole experience of walking in the glory of the mountains is extremely relaxing and refreshing. “you might have gyming for quite some time, but you never really lost more than half a kilo. So, ditch the gym and take a hike!

Reason To Trek in Nepal

Life lessons!

You’re far from civilization and the only thing you can embrace is the serenity of the world. “You get a chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds and build lasting relationships. The purity of the mountains teaches us to embrace experiences, cultures, and relationships that are outside our comfort zone.

Trekking humbles you enough to learn that it’s not all about you. You are often put in challenging situations that make you realize that the world is so much bigger than your perspective on it. You weren’t really the big fish in the ocean but a tiny minnow in a pothole.

You’ll regret not doing it when you are old

Trekking is one of the most beautiful forms of travel. A lot of us strongly express our desire to travel, and yet we suffix our beautiful thoughts with the most fatal word. “But” ‘But’ work, ‘but’ kids, ‘but’ family and everything else under the sun.

nepal trekking before getting old

It is true that as we get older, life mostly just “happens” to us, and we lose control over it. But, you’re body is not going to support your heart’s desire forever. And don’t forget, you are not guaranteed a long life.

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