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If you have limited time in Nepal, you may already know that finding the perfect one-day trek can be difficult, with so many travel agencies to choose from. However, if you are willing to do some short hikes, Day Tours Nepal can help you with guides, private vehicles, and meals on some trips. If you make the effort to get out of the city and push yourself a little bit higher, the rewards are more than worth it. Simply pack a small daypack, and our vehicle will drop you at the trailheads within a few minutes or hours. Beginners don't look around; we have listed the best day hiking trips in Nepal.

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city is the best way to connect with nature. You will be amazed by the majestic mountain views and the diversity of Nepal. Not only the nature and mountains, but the typical lifestyle of the Nepalese people is another interesting part of the trip. We are here to help you with the best one-day treks in Nepal, within short distances of Kathmandu and Pokhara.

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One Day Treks Nepal 2024

A short drive and a couple of hours of walking around the hills are always worth it to experience the great outdoors.

Nagarkot One Day Trek (From Kathmandu)

Nagarkot is one of the most popular one-day treks in Nepal, which starts from Kathmandu. Normally, Day Tours Nepal's itinerary is for Nagarkot, Bhaktapur, or Changunarayan, but the trek can be done to Dhulikhel from Nagarkot. Nagarkot to Bhaktapur is about 4-5 hours, and Nagarkot to Dhulikhel is about 6-7 hours. For more details about the trip, write to us.

Nagarkot one day trek

Ranikot Village Trek. (From Kathmandu)

Normally, this trip is not so familiar to other companies because we discover this trail and see the typical lifestyle of Nepalese people, which is near Kathmandu. A short drive from Kathmandu to Bhaktapur and hiking through the jungle to Ranikot. We will have lunch at the local house, and the landscape is beautiful from here. On a clear day, we can see the panoramic mountain view. The trip is about 5–6 hours.

ranikot village day hike from kathmandu

Champadevi Hill Trek (From Kathmandu)

Beautiful pine tree hills, and also fewer people on this trail. Some people put in the effort to walk for 6 hours to Chandragiri and then ride a cable car down to Kathmandu. Normally, for a short trek to be with nature, this is the perfect trek for all. Views of Kathmandu, Patan, and the Langtang Ranges are another attraction of this trek. 5–6 hour trip.

champadevi day hike from kathmandu

Dhampus Village Trek (From Pokhara)

Dhampus village is one of the most popular one-day treks from Pokhara. Dhampus is popular for its mountain view, village lifestyle, and the cultural heritage of the Gurung people. A perfect place to be for nature, cultural experience, and the typical lifestyle of Nepalese people.

dhampus village day hike from pokhara

Thulakot Hill Trek (From Pokhara)

A newly opened short, one-day trek that starts from Pokhara. Very few people had done this trip, but it was a famous trail of the Annapurna Royal Trek. On a clear day, we can see the stunning Begnas Lakes and other lakes, as well as the breathtaking mountain views. It takes 5–6 hours for this trip, and the hike ends at Begnas Lake. For details, contact us.

thulakot danda pokhara

Sarangkot-Naudanda Trek (From Pokhara)

Normally, the day starts with the sunrise at Sarangkot and then a trek to Naudanda after breakfast. This trip is not listed on our website, but we arrange the trip on request. Some people may not want to start early. For them, we start the trek from Naudanda, end at Sarangkot with the sunrise, and drive back to Pokhara. Day Tours Nepal is flexible with plans; connect with us for details and to book the trip.

sarangkot pokhara

Australian Camp Trek (From Pokhara)

Australian Camp is another popular day trek from Pokhara, which starts from Kande and takes about 2 hours to reach Australian Camp. Day Tours Nepal arrange loop day trek via Dhampus Village or the same way hike back to Kande and drive back to Pokhara. Total: 5 hours and 6-7 hours via Dhampus Village. For details, contact us.

Australian Camp Day Hike

Peace Stupa and Pumdikot Day Hike. (From Pokhara)

A short trek from Pokhara has a great view of the Annapurna ranges, Fishtail, and other Himalayan peaks. After completing the trek, we will take a boat back to Lakeside. Perfect for slow hikers and senior citizens.

Pumdikot shiva statue

Kahun Danda, Kahu Deurali. (From Pokhara)

Kahun Danda is a newly opened sunrise and day hike destination from Pokhara. Normally, people from Pokhara call this place the Dharahar of Pokhara because of the magical mountain views and also the complete view of the Pokhara valley. The sunrise view from Kahun Danda is better from the lower Sarangkot viewpoint. Very few people know about the place, and it is also very quiet and peaceful for day hiking. Check out our YouTube video for the view from Kahun Danda.

Kahun Danda Pokhara

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