Food In Nepal Top 5 Best Meals

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You shouldn’t miss this typical Nepalese food which will make you to bite your tongue. Here were are suggesting you to note down in your dairy “Foods In Nepal  which are “Top 5 best meals in Nepal”.

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Food In Nepal Top 5 Best Meals

Dal Bhat Tarkari 

” Dal Bhat Power 24 hrs”, you will hear this often in many places around Nepal. Dal Bhat is available throughout Nepal; you will be served with Rice, Lentil, Pickle, Meat (mutton, chicken, fish) and seasonable vegetables. You will love it, but little bit spicy.


Actually you should learn how to make MoMo because after leaving Nepal, you gone miss it. Probably the second most popular meals in Nepal, momo is available in all restaurants, hotels and somewhere in carts. It’s a dumpling which is filled with minced meat and you can find Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Buff, and Vegetable MOMO.

Dal Bhat Food in nepal


Dhido is one of the healthy meals, usually this is the famous and daily meals in villages but you can find Dhido in cities. Dhido is sugar free food, and made by maize, barley, millet, and wheat. Ask gravy meat with this and also you will get Gundruk ” Dried and fermented vegetable”.

Samay Baji

You shouldn’t miss this newari cuisine, served with beaten rice, black soyabean, smoked meat, marinated potato, boiled egg, lental pancake, roasted meat, garlic, giner,  boil and spicy beans, pickle, green veggies and “Aila” (Typical homemade liquor). Will be spicy but you will love it and start saying no moreeeee.

Chatamari (Neapli Pizza)

Well it’s hard to find yummy one in big and nicest restaurants so better ask your guide or friend to take in local Newari restaurants for real Chatamari. You can get plain but ask for meat and vegetable with eggs on top.

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