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Brennan currently working kind of like Social Worker with Refugees and Immigrants to U.S at a Non-Profit. I have two years university training and research experience with Chemistry. I am currently attending university to complete degree in International Studies (Kind of like language/culture/social work/political science all in one) so I can continue working with nonprofits on global scale.

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My Nepal Experience

Nepal & people of Nepal

The people! The Nepali people made me feel at home in Nepal more so than I ever have anywhere in the U.S away from my own home. I would even say in many ways I felt more at home in Nepal than I do my own home primarily because of the kindness and willingness to always help each other that I observed from Nepali people.

Honestly i love Nepal to the point i would live here if possible there’s so much natural beauty even around Kathmandu (more so in outer areas) and there’s also a lot of culture. Most Nepali people are kind and helpful to the point that i almost feel like it’s a prank or something. But for the most part of Nepal as a whole are just that compassionate and caring for other human beings.

Nepal After the earthquake

After The Earthquake For Tourist

In regards to temples and monuments that is moderately true that some are badly damaged. If i were i person coming here seeking some type of religious pilgrimage. I think i would’ve been quite disappointed being they about half of the temples that once were are gone or badly destroyed, but there are still many they are intact.Kathmandu and Bhaktapur Durbar Square which i believe we’re the two more impressive ones are both badly damaged to the point that it is more sad to see than beautiful or interesting. But my personal opinion is that those things are irrelevant because to me the true beauty of Nepal lies within the mountains and the treks.

All the earthquakes in the world can happen and those things will likely not be going anywhere. It’s a natural beauty that i think cannot be found anywhere in the world or really destroyed by natural disasters either. Sure maybe landslides or earthquakes might make some trekking routes less accessible or more dangerous but I believe that for many that hint of danger and adrenaline is what drives them to go on trek.

Nepal is still on my bucket list.

If / When I return to Nepal I absolutely want to come when it is better season for trekking and there are not so many clouds from Monsoon. I really want to return and Trek to the Lakes around Gokyo Ri towards the East as well as the Upper Mustang Region towards the West. I also want to return to Bandipur to get the full cloud free panoramic view that you can see there. In my experience so far Bandipur may be the best view in the entire country!

Beyond that I also definitely want to go to the Terai Region mostly to visit Chitwan National Park and Lumbini! But i think it also as to be recognized that Nepal has so much natural beauty in regards thought out even in the Terai region with Chitwan but particularly breathtaking scenery and views in the Himalayan areas.

Chitwan Wildlife Safari "Elephant Bathing"

Am not happy with…

People just dump chemicals everywhere and also throw garbage just anywhere in the streets. If I good garbage and recycling system could be implemented it would make the country much healthier, appearance better and in places where it’s a problem it would do away will the poor smell. The one thing that i really am bothered by here is the lack of environmental awareness.

Brennan Taylor had visited Nepal experience on July – 2016

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