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Bed To Base Camp3 Hours

Bed To Base Camp

BZZZ! BZZZ! Time to get up! Within moments of waking…

Trip Cost: $4500 USD
Poon Hill on Wheels2 Days

Poon Hill on Wheels

Until recently, it was required to take multiple day treks…

Trip Cost: $415 USD
Yuck Yummy4 Hours

Yuck Yummy

This delightful food tour will give you a taste of…

Trip Cost: $50 USD
Job Shadow1 Days

Job Shadow

If you’ve ever wondered how your job is carried out…

Trip Cost: $65 USD
Three Ancient Kingdom1 Days

Three Ancient Kingdoms

Before what is now Kathmandu, there were several Newari kingdoms…

Trip Cost: $110 USD
Smoke With Sadhus1 Days

Smoke With Sadhus

Bum Bolenath!  Welcome to the only trip that lets you…

Trip Cost: $80 USD
Meet A Mate5 Hours

Meet A Mate

Yep, this is exactly what it sounds like.  Many travelers…

Trip Cost: Contact Us
Holi Festival In Nepal1 Days

Holi Festival In Nepal

Holi, “The Festival of Colors,” is one of Nepal’s most…

Trip Cost: $65 USD